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SOS Organizational Services delivers higher productivity with less stress through performance training and consulting. We guarantee practical tools that can be implemented immediately!

Maximize your productivity with
our training, coaching, and workshops:

Save time

Cut operating costs

Improve customer service & engagement

Increase revenue

Reduce employee stress

raise your game

Integrating Science and Systems to Improve Your Productivity

How does a car dealership increase sales by about $2000, simply by changing the order of selecting options? Why are we willing to make riskier decisions in the morning, than in the afternoon? Are there things I can do to improve my brain power?

         • Leverage brain capabilities to your advantage
         • Improve decision-making skills
         • Promote creativity
         • Accomplish more with less stress

Program Description

Decision-making is at the very heart of personal productivity. What we decide to focus on, prioritize and set aside are the decisions that determine how much and what we accomplish. Anticipating, planning, adapting and forming abstract thoughts are the components that create productivity. These brain functions are now being studied by neuroscientists and allow us to leverage these findings to our advantage.

“Time management” is no longer enough. We now need to leverage our brain capabilities. This program is designed for the business professional aspiring to work more productively to accomplish strategic and day-to-day goals with less stress. It is well suited for off-site team meetings, on-boarding of new hires and targeted team improvement. This fast-paced program is engaging and highly interactive.

Participants will walk away with practical tools that can be used within 24 hours!

One Full Day, 2 Half Days OR as Separate Modules

Module 1 Raise Your Game – with Your Brain!
Module 2 Raise Your Game – with Your Technology!
Module 3 Raise Your Game – with Your Team!

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Can you afford to lose an hour a day?
Executives lose one hour per day looking for lost or misplaced items (papers, emails or electronic documents) at a net loss of 12.5% of annual earnings.

(Coopers & Lybrand, LLP Study)


The Science of Getting More Done - Utilizing your brain to keep pace in a rapidly changing world.

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Master skills in:

  • Email management
  • Organization
  • Juggling changing priorities
  • Multi-tasking
  • Managing interruptions
  • Prioritizing and scheduling
  • Delegating
  • Working effectively with an assistant
  • Meeting management
  • Workflow systems for individuals and teams
  • Managing multiple projects

Dramatically Improve
Email and Meeting Effectiveness

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